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Neeru Singh

Mrs. Neeru Singh is a career civil servant with extensive International experience. She started her career when she joined the prestigious Indian Administrative Service in 1982. She worked in the field of developmental administration in Goa, Delhi and Sri Lanka. She later transitioned to the UN system working in UN Habitat in Nairobi, IFAD and WFP in Rome, UNECA in Addis Ababa and the Department of Management at the UN Secretariat in New York.

All through her life, she has supported development through civil society engagement through CSR in Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Timore Leste. She is on the Board of reputed companies and international civil society organizations. She has conducted leadership development programs for the Ethiopian Parliament, Government and the Private Sector around the world.

She is the co-founder of the 6X6 movement to support social entrepreneurship among women in Indonesia. She has particularly been working for and interested in the area of climate change and environmental issues and has worked to use her presence in different platforms globally to create awareness and to create understanding about sustainable environmental practices. Notable among these was her work in Indonesia ‘s Lombok and Gilli Islands with regard to plastics and waste management.

She is on the Board of Barefoot College International, DAWN (A UK based Charity) and WADAH Foundation (Headquartered in Indonesia) and supports civil society engagement in development. She has been a senior faculty of the Art of Living for over 20 years and currently serves in an honorary capacity as Principal Director, Sri Sri Rural Development Trust, of the Art of Living. She has led leadership workshops at the United Nations, the Corporate Sector, Government Sector all over the world. She also conducts Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Workshops and Wellness Programs. She is also a certified Empowerment and Inner Transformation Coach.


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