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The creation of relevant knowledge through research and collaboration is very crucial, but not adequate by itself; it must interact with social movement or social learning. Without relevant knowledge, social movements are often short term and without a defined objective. Without Government Intervention on a policy level, the working structure is not complete. Government interventions without ground knowledge and social movement are also incomplete. In the Himalayan Region, the lack of this “triad” has led to failure in solving difficult problems.

We Share and Collaborate Knowledge:

HUM Knowledge Forum facilitates knowledge sharing of best practices as a co-created and sustained process between Government, Grassroots Organisations, institutions, Academia, civil society and individuals, from any stage of development and background, recognising that knowledge is universal.

Mission plans to effectively partner with all such institutions with OPEN sharing of best practices, information, and other digital resources as a common platform to influence decision-making at all levels.

We research, influence & advocate policy:

Constructive policy engagement is a priority for HUM and this is done by drawing the attention of policymakers to important issues pertaining to the Himalayas and direct decision-makers to a solution.

HUM will support action-oriented research on the identified thematic areas, coordinating with the relevant departments, NGOs & end beneficiary to- advocate for better implementation and effectiveness of existing policies, influence the redesign of some of the policies to be more inclusive, and support the creation of inclusive policies where they are needed when none exist.

We Create A Peoples Movement:

Knowledge derived from research & policies, must be translated into awareness initiatives, forms and languages that can empower the public as it’s a peoples driven movement that can truly bring transformation.

HUM through various behavioral training programs endeavors to motivate local communities, to take responsibility for their natural resources and mobilize the community for need based interventions and issues. 


  • To create a Himalayan Knowledge Hub (HKH), an online and offline knowledge repository, for on-ground information pertaining to the Himalayan region, amongst HUM Knowledge Partners, working in the Himalaya; for guidance of matters in policy and governance & exchange of knowledge on best practices.
  • To bring together specialized knowledge institutions & Grassroot Organisations with due credit to their work/publications/sharing of information under a common agreement, facilitated by HUM, to work together to share best practices and benefit from each other’s approaches.
  • To create a team of volunteers as HIM Sevaks to implement sustainable development projects in the field of environment, livelihoods, health, education, waste management and improving the socio/cultural aspects for people living in the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR).
  • Building State level HUM Advisory, to support states in the Indian Himalayan Region & transboundary Himalayan Countries, with informed actions, required for sustaining the Himalayan ecosystem through capacity building of individual & government representatives towards climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • To set up Himalayan Centre for Contemplative & Behavioral Science a centre that works on the study of consciousness and traditional knowledge systems present in the Himalayas.
  • To create a transboundary scientific cooperation advisory, with experts from across Himalayan States & countries, to accurately assess regional climate change impacts on Himalayan glaciers and to fill knowledge gaps by providing scientific findings to the policy community based on the best scientific understanding of issues. The advisory group will conduct a scientific assessment on glacier change and produce robust scientific findings to better understand complexities and to reduce scientific uncertainty.
  • To facilitate a platform for resilient livelihoods for mountain people most impacted by climate change, with an integrated development approach across the Himalayas

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