Stirring the lives of 1000 prison inmates through Digital Literacy program at Prisons

The program envisions to give opportunities to those inmates who are willing to learn and earn after release.  5 Jails of Uttrakhand have been brought under this program namely; Haridwar, Dehradun, Sitarganj, Almora & Nainital.  The program envisions to touch the lives of 1000 prison inmates.

Under this program good quality training is provided inside the jail so that inmates get equal opportunities available to bridge the socio-economic divide created due to imprisonment. Along with this behavioural and stress-free training programs are also provided to the candidates for an overall transformation.

Basic Understanding and working on Computers and MS Office is part of the curriculum and may allow them to earn 10-15K/per month through employment after their release from the prison.  This may enhance their chances of social acceptance of the candidate and may ensure rehabilitation into the mainstream.

A synergy between Jail Authorities and Trainers have helped to make this program a success and bring a 360-degree changes in the life of the prison inmate

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