Economic Impact

Natural Farming

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The Art of Living Yuvacharyas,  with assistance from agricultural trainers and several government authorities, are helping farmers across the nation including the  Himalayan region with several initiatives.

Skill Development

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Skill Development in the Himalayas

In the Himalayan states, there is a special focus on skilling in sectors that can promote sustainable development, such as solar energy, Computer Training, Electrician training, Tailoring, Embroidery, Bamboo Crafting, Plumber, Yoga Instructor, Mushroom Farming, etc. Skills training & value addition in farmers produce through food processing is a major area of focus under HUM, through its partner organisations like UMANG & Grassroots.

Integrated Himalayan Honey Value Chain’

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Economic Impact Bees Bringing Hope for Small Holding Farmers with Limited Resources 

As part of the ‘Integrated Himalayan Honey Value Chain’ pilot project, 20 bee keepers in 5 villages of Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, have been selected for up-skilling and for upgrading their capacity to undertake honey production at commercial levels.

Digital Sathi

Today Mobile phones are a must for students who are studying in schools or colleges because of the new world pandemic, as their academic curricula are to be started or continued online, not everyone can afford a laptop or a computer, so a mobile being a cheaper alternative takes the space for the computer in the online lecture. Hundreds of poor children were forced to drop out of education due to lack of a digital device. The Art of Living and IAHV  took an initiative to provide a basic smartphone to underprivileged  students in board and senior classes. On 5th January, 2022, International Association for Human Values and Art of Living Himachal donated 1500 smart phones to the underprivileged children of the Government schools in Himachal. On this occasion Chief Minister Sh. Jai Ram Thakur handed over Smart Phones to the students of various schools for online education at his Office in Shimla the Smartphones were also distributed at each district by the Diet principals to the students in need.

Irradicating Unemployment

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The digital literacy project aims to establish facilities for digital education in 16 schools located in border areas of Champawat districts, 15 govt schools located in Nainital & Almora District, 5 schools located in the Border area of Pithoragarh District (Munshiari). For Phase 1 we intend to empower 15 schools in Nainital and Almora District.

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