Irradicating Unemployment through Digital literacy Project

The digital literacy project aims to establish facilities for digital education in 16 schools located in border areas of Champawat districts, 15 govt schools located in Nainital & Almora District, 5 schools located in the Border area of Pithoragarh District (Munshiari). For Phase 1 we intend to empower 15 schools in Nainital and Almora District.

The overwhelming majority of students in these schools come from poor households. Most of the selected schools have classes up to intermediate level, while some have classes up to the junior high or high school level. The provision of computers with accessories will enable all these students to enter the domain of new-age technology, and help to reduce the ‘digital divide’. It will also assist the teaching faculty to upgrade their own skills, access a wider range of educational resources, and adopt new methods for instructing their pupils. It will support computer-based learning, not only during the pandemic but also afterwards, and act as a ‘window to the world’ for the students, teachers and local population.

The support provided is 16 Schools in Uttarakhand 5 Laptops with MS Office preloaded with SSD – per school.

SSRDP will help the schools to establish the computer laboratories and build the capacities of the staff and administration so that digital education can be conducted in an effective manner. Well-qualified trainers and supervisors have been given additional training and orientation as required for the successful implementation of the project. The schools are enthused and keen to take the programme forward in spite of the local constraints. The supervisors collect weekly reports from each school and submit the same on a monthly basis to the SSRDP Headquarters.

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