Student Excellence and Learning Program (SELP)

SELP is a World Bank sponsored program which is designed for Institutes in collaboration with NPIU-MHRD. The objective of the program is to improve the learning and research competence, increase student employability, Create opportunities for youth to develop cogitative skills, enhance capability of students to handle stress & to improve the relationship between teachers and students.

Impact on Student Wellness

Based on multiple studies, pre and post psychometric tests were conducted for 53,000 SELP students. The results of the tests were analyzed and following are the key findings.

0% Elevated Energy Levels
0% Decrease in Stress Levels
0% Increased Belongingness
0% Drop in Anxiety Levels
0% Boost in Mental Strength
0% Reduction in Fear
0% Heightened Enthusiasm
0% Diminished Guilt
0% Increased Peace of Mind
STATENumber of CollegesNumber of Students
Jammu & Kashmir2600
Himachal Pradesh3480
North East173840

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