Solar Electrification

Key Milestones Achieved

0 Solar Micro Grids installation
0 School Electrification
0 Battery Charging Stations
0 Solar Lights Distributions
0 Home Lighting System

Light A Home Project in the Himalayas

Under Light A Home Project, Art of living reached to hard to access villages of Himalayas for rural electrification and energy access. 

The following type of work has been done in 6 states of Indian Himalayas and Nepal also.-

  • Solar Micro Grids 
  • School Electrification 
  • Battery Charging Stations 
  • Solar Lights Distributions


No. Type of Work States No. of Schools/Household benefitted
1 Solar Micro Grids De-centralised Uttarakhand, Assam 613
2 School Electrification Jammu & Kashmir 7
3 Battery Charging Stations Assam , Arunachal Pradesh 315
4 Solar Lights Distributions J&K, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh,  Manipur, Meghalaya 22985
5 Home Light System Assam 350


With the Light A Home initiative, Art of Living has reached hard-to-access villages like Anjaw in Arunachal Pradesh, which can only be reached by foot, and river islands in Assam. Today, we have brought solar energy based lighting solutions to more than 90,000 people in remote locations and have provided employment opportunities to many among them.

Across India

165,000+ people – benefited

720 Villages – Electrified

152 Schools – Electrified

310 Women entrepreneurs – trained in solar systems

4100 Youth Leaders – trained as renewable energy technicians


In an effort to provide a clean and affordable lighting solution to rural India, our “Light a Home” project was born. Started in 2012, the project provides high-quality and cost-effective solar lanterns, home-lighting systems and solar cookers across India.

Story of Change

Story of Lighting up the lives through Solar Powering of  Schools in Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh

This project was led by Ashok Harishchandra Project Manager SSRDP, who has been a pioneer in projects located in border district/ difficult terrains. Facing all odds  like severe resource constraints in terms of procurement of  material, Machinery, skilled labour to name a few, he executed it with precision. The nearest available source for any material or support was 160 kms away in Assam


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