Our Initiatives


Skill Development & Livelihood

 Setting up Skill Centres in partnership with NSDC & Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship across TIH.

Handlooms of The Hills: The Wool Transformation Project

  • Providing Improvised Looms.
  • Revisiting the Charkha Project: Setting up spinning centres & Yarn Banks for artisans to get cheap and good quality material.
  • Undertaking Design Intervention, Knitting , Dying & Loom Improvisation Projects.

Promoting Nature Centred Enterprises

  • Trainings on setting up Micro Solar Enterprises, Hydro Engineers & Assistants
  • Promoting Waste Management Ventures: E Waste Enterprises, Plastic Granule Making, Waste Tyre to Rubber

Powder & Carbon Unit, Steel Scrap Unit, Hand Made Paper Unit

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Spring Revival Mission

The source of every major river in the country is symbolically represented by a system of springs that is often religiously revered. Springs are natural point sources of groundwater discharge and are part of a sub-surface system of aquifers that follows hydrogeological principles. Springs have been a vital source of groundwater in all the mountainous regions across the world and millions of springs form the life-line for people in the Himalayan and sub Himalayan regions. An increased demand in these regions has accompanied a decline in spring discharges, due to various factors, one of which is the change and variability in climate.

A ‘spring shed’ approach includes a combination of landscape, watershed and aquifer as units of spring water management and holds the potential to focus on groundwater management for the mountain regions that form such an integral component of India’s diverse landscape.

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Organising Conferences & Festivals to promote Himalayan Art & Culture.

  • Creating Model Villages at Tourist Sites
  • Introducing Participatory Governance & Youth Parliament System for Hill Panchayats & having Capacity Building Programs for Panchayats & District Administrations.
  • Promoting Local Dishes Nationally & Internationally: Requesting International Chefs to make Dishes from local specialities.
  • Voice of Himalayas: Having Local/National Events & Conferences on local Folklore, Music, Poetry. Having Story Telling Sessions.
  • Improving Social Life of Locals through Rural Libraries, Weekly Theatre, Games, Himalayan Radio
  • Having Events that inspire like minded individuals to come and spend time in Himalayas: Run For Himalayas, Paint for Himalayas, Play for Himalayas


Bio Health

  • Doing Tree Plantation in landslide areas, Planting Trees & Fodder Shrubs at trenches & Spring Catchments. Setting Nurseries for broad leaf trees.

Human Health

  • Training Bare Foot Doctors to Set Up Mobile Health Kiosk, Tele Medicine Units & Mobile Clinics & Pharmacy
  • Capacity Building Training Program for Anganwadi Asha Workers. Providing Delivery Kits to them
  • De Addiction Programs & De Addiction Centers for Youths
  • Himalayan Cataract Project: Doing Free Eye Check Up & Cataract Treatments for Elders
  • Construction of Eco Sans Toilets

Women Health Project

  • Improving Women Menstrual Hygiene in mountain villages. Awareness Programs clubbed with setting up micro enterprises for Making Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads
  • Setting up Eco Stoves & smokeless chulahas.



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