The source of fulfilling basic necessities of mountain people is inter-dependent on ‘Natural Resources based Livelihoods’ and thus there is a need to adapt, reorganize and evolve livelihoods, that improve the sustainability of the system, to leave it better prepared and resilient, for future climate change impacts.

Mountain Nature Centric Livelihoods

The source of fulfilling necessities of the  Mountain people is inter-dependent on Natural Resource-based Livelihoods. Thus there is a need to adapt, reorganize and evolve livelihoods, to create sustainability and resilience, for future climate change impacts.

The Mountain Livelihoods Project proposes to outline the following objectives:

  • Outlining, Collating, Advocacy of Research & Policy Interventions for Mountain Agriculture.
  • Mapping and prioritizing mountain specialty, nutrition-dense crops, species and wild foods.
  • Setting up Skill Centres in partnership with NSDC & Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship across with specific focus on need-based Vocational Skills, waste management, Renewable Energy, Handlooms & Hospitality.
  • To harness the potential of Nature Centric Entrepreneurship across the Himalayas, through the HUM Fellowship.

Reviving Art & Culture Through Entrepreneurship:

 The Wool Transformation Project

  • Providing Improvised Looms and undertaking design intervention workshops on Knitting & Dying.
  • Revisiting the Charkha Project: Setting up spinning centres & Yarn Banks for artisans to get cheap and good quality material.

Mountain Agriculture

  • Forming FPOs by consolidating small landholding farmers & increasing the production of mountain farming systems adaptable to various agro-ecological zones.
  • Setting up Appropriate Rural Technology Centres for promoting food processing and value addition to progressive farmers.
  • Capacity building of small scale farmers in Natural Farming, Market Intelligence, Agri-tech, Supply Chain. etc.
  • Promote distribution, increase market access, streamline the supply chain.
  • Promoting Innovative Mountain Farming, High Altitude Green House Technology, High Altitude Medicinal Plants, High Altitude Vegetable Seeds, High Altitude Storage & Food Processing Tech, Beekeeping. etc.
  • Training of Best Practices in Mountain Irrigation like Upland Irrigation, Gravity Fed Irrigation System, etc

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