While we leap forward into the modern 21st India, our spiritual foundation erodes with growing urbanisation. Youth of Himalayan States are more and more attracted towards city life, and aspire to migrate to cities. In order to safeguard value systems and weave them to modern education, while respecting the edicts of Nature, we strive to create an alternative education classroom addition to existing schools across Uttarakhand, with the following initiatives-

  • Courses on spirituality, leadership, soft skills in Schools & Colleges.
  • Imbibing alternative education in existing & new schools, as a new wave of education, combined with the ancient Gurukul system, vedic education teaching, modern curriculum & Himalayan nature studies.
  • Infrastructure development for existing schools, colleges, etc.
  • Documentation of local wisdom, practices , stories, values, texts, etc., leading to research and development.
  • Development of school curriculum centric to Himalayas, while including capacity building of teachers across educational institutions


We strive towards improving the health care standards across Himalayas through:

  • Disaster Relief: Due to change in climatic conditions, calamities are common to Himalayan States. Art of Living through its vast experience in disaster management across the world would like to support HUM partners & state governments in executing disaster relief programs across Himalayas.
  • Women Health: Improving Pre & Post Natal care Services in PHCS and Medical Sub Centers in the Himalayan States.
  • Capacity Building Training Program for Anganwadi Asha Workers. Providing Delivery Kits.
  • Project Pavitra: Improving Women Menstrual Hygiene in mountain villages. Awareness Programs clubbed with setting up micro enterprises for Making Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads

Art & Culture

The Himalayas are known for its rich biodiversity and wildlife, they are equally celebrated for its diverse people and their cultures. With more than 40 languages spoken here, the region is home to a mosaic of cultures and faiths – Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and animists – all of whom have lived closely with nature for centuries. HUM will work towards preserving this heritage through:

  • Organising Conferences, events & Festivals to promote Himalayan Art & Culture.
  • Voice of Himalayas: Local/National Events & Conferences on local Folklore, Music, Local Dishes ,Poetry etc
  • Introducing Participatory Governance & Youth Parliament System for Hill Panchayats
  • Capacity Building Programs for Panchayats & District Administrations.
  • Improving Social Life of Locals through Rural Libraries, Weekly Theatre, Games, Himalayan Radio.

Conscious Tourism

  • Promotion of Bio-Cultural products, Eco & Agri Tourism to bring together Farmers & Conscious Customers
  • Build Inventory of key Pilgrimage Sites & Wild Life Sanctuaries & Promote eco friendly enterprises around them.
  • Policy Level Planning to create guidelines for Waste Management for tours, trekkers, pilgrims, restaurants & home stays.
  • Volunteer Vacations: Inviting Volunteers to have a vacation while they serve.

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