Himalayas have been a symbol for the World’s spiritual consciousness. The mighty altitude of the Himalayas is a constant reminder to the loftiness of the human soul and its vastness.
The word “Hima” in Sanskrit means “snow” and the word, “alaya” means “abode”. But the mighty mountain ranges of the Himalayas are more than just an abode of snow. The main religions, which are practiced in the Himalayan region, are Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. These ancient mountains are considered the abode of the gods and the spiritual center of the world. Hundreds of temples and shrines dot the Himalayan foothills even as the mist-shrouded snow-capped peaks have given birth to many mythological stories and legends that form the backbone of India’s many cultures and religions.
While adventurers look at the Himalayas as a constant challenge that helps them discover their inner strength, for those on a quest for beauty, these mountain ranges offer the most virgin, pristine and stunning landscapes ever known to man. But for individuals on a spiritual journey, the Himalayas are the ultimate destination.

Fulfilling its core mission for personal development, Art of Living has been conducting wellness, stress management & Youth Leadership workshops for citizens, paramilitary, healthcare workers, PRI members & youths across all Himalayan districts in India, Nepal & Bhutan.

Wellness Programs

Wellness simply means blossoming in life in all dimensions – being happy, at ease with yourself and with those around you.

The Wellness Program is a perfect balance of Yoga, Ayurveda and Knowledge. The weekend-long program nudges your attitude from ‘disease’ to ‘health’. It is designed to take you through various effective and practical wellness practices that invite health, wealth and happiness into your life.


Our Methodology

Our wellness solutions are most relevant in today’s context of a generally stressful lifestyle, demands at workplace, personal  and societal levels.

āyurveda + Yoga + Knowledge


Simple and easy-to-follow practical tips that have their origins in āyurveda are shared. These regular suggestions help to not only to make a difference in life but also make life different.


Fitness is the priority. Some basic yogasanas are taught that help the body-mind complex to remain energized and active throughout the day.


Life throws up innumerable challenges. That which equips you to face them head on is knowledge. When this knowledge gets deeply embedded in you, it is wisdom. We share our timeless knowledge with you to help you live a happier and fuller life.

IMAGES: Wellness & Stress Management Programs for Anganwadi & Asha Workers in 10 Districts of Kashmir.

Himalayan Studies on Consciousness & Behavioral Science

What is more fundamental, ‘body’ or ‘Consciousness?’ ‘Is the body experienced within our Consciousness or outside our Consciousness?’ ‘Is the body experienced as a thought in our mind or experienced without the thought?’

The inner-directed discipline to regulate self-processes and fostering harmony of mind, body and spirit seems central to study and introspection on consciousness. The thought systems of Vedānta, Mīmāṁsā, Sāṁkhya, Yoga, Nyāya, Cārvāka, Buddhism, Sufism, Jainism, Āyurveda and their various subsystems present a range of positions of human conditions, goals of life, nature of cognitive and affective processes, mental health and beyond.

Grounded in Spirituality for healing & transforming the world, ‘Consciousness Studies’ at HUM will devote itself to creating an ecosystem that would permeate multiple traditions to infiltrate and to gradually weave psychological mindedness into theories of the esoteric, and bring out unique healing modalities from the ‘Orient (east) – Occident (west)’ wisdom. Since the study of ‘Consciousness’ is the centrepiece of this kind of study, the approach will balance traditional ‘third-person’ perspectives with the ‘critical first-person’ perspective – amalgamating principles from fields such as psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, cross-cultural studies, spirituality, sports, theology, musicology, psychiatry, astrology, visual and creative arts, performing arts, current academic conversations with modern science etc. The interest being to know as to how these reveal, conceal, reflect, guide or otherwise engage the seeker’s contemplative potential. The broad scope of study would broadly blend three components i.e. basics of psychological science, textual understanding of philosophies (such as Yoga, Vedānta etc.) and global contemplative traditions (embedded in Buddhism, Vipassanā, Sufism, Jainism, Christian Mysticism, Sikhism, Āyurveda, Jyotiṣa etc.) – all of these, along with an intensive training in contemplative practices.

Temple of Knowledge

Temple of Knowledge are divine abodes that aim to bring together people from diverse backgrounds connected by a single purpose – of nurturing one’s life in a positive manner, inspired by the vision of a ‘One World Family’ – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. Temple of Knowledge is a place where people are introduced to spirituality, to nurture human values, to inculcate self-discipline and to become healthy and well-rounded personalities. Above all, TOKs are places where people of all faiths and ideologies find common ground to serve, self-introspect and do research of consciousness and behavioural science.


Youth Leadership Training Program

A revolution for rural development

Estimates suggest that around 27 percent of the world’s population is between 10-24 years. (2006 report by the Population Reference Bureau). Majority of these youth are in developing countries which face challenges that are unique to their environs.

Our idea is to strengthen the individual with human and spiritual values to grow as an empowered community leader and change agent for implementing HUM. Youth can make a big and positive difference but lack of direction, vulnerability to anti-social tendencies such as addiction, feelings of self-defeat, inadequate access to basic amenities are some of the common issues faced by youth in the rural areas. Going by this simple approach of implementing change, the YLTP is primarily focused on building a dynamic team of skilled and committed leaders in each and every village and city of India.

It is commonly said that ‘Change begins with me’. The YLTP creates a transformation in every individual by teaching youth stress-elimination breath techniques, leadership skills, public speaking, awareness on constitution and Panchayat Systems to make them responsible citizens for their community. These tools help enhance confidence, instil a sense of purpose and give mental clarity and strength.

Our 5E model of operation:

  • Envision

    a just, peaceful, prosperous and harmonious society

  • Educate

    about the need for change

  • Empower

    with leadership skills, human values and spiritual wisdom

  • Engage

    in nation building service and spread sattva

  • Establish

    the principles of dharma

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