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Saket Kumar

Saket Kumar is an Alumni of IIT Kharagpur, a former Risk-Analyst from GE and a full time Waterpreneur and Ecopreneur for the last 2 decades. He has a couple of sustainable technologies on water purification and water management, which have been used to provide Pure, Safe, and Healthy drinking water to the people living in acute water quality affected habitats.

His impact initiative is Water Bank Foundation, which is working on rejuvenation of water resources like rivers, ponds, wells etc. apart from sustainable waste management. Presently, he is advising Meghalaya state Government for rejuvenation of rivers  like Umkhrah and Umshyrpi, along with eco-restoration of Cherrapunji terrine.

He is also a consultant of NECTAR (NORTH-EAST Technology Application and Reach, an autonomous body of Department of Science & Technology, GOI). In the last one year they have started Arsenic mitigation and Saffron farming (with an aim to other high value crops) in NE.

Saket Kumar is currently working as Managing Trustee & President, Water Bank Foundation.


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