Himalay Unnati Mission Secretariat

Ranjan Chopra

Advisor: Digital Literacy & Entrepreneurship

Mr. Ranjan Chopra graduated from IIT-Kanpur in 1983 with a bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Ranjan Ji is the founder of Team Computers, a company delivering smart IT Infrastructure & Information Solutions, with customer experience in its DNA. Team Computers is a 1200 cr+ company (growing at a CAGR of 31%) marking its place as one of the top 5 in Indian IT, a pioneer in IT Infrastructure Solutions, Business Intelligence, Applications, Managed Services & Cloud Solutions. Headquartered in Delhi with 2500+ people, 11 regional offices, 750+ support locations and 1000+ clients over 30 years of existence, Team works towards reshaping the industry and inventing a new future all day, every day.

Apart from the business side Ranjan Chopra has a love affair with music. It’s probably quite unexpected to find strains of a Saxophone wafting from a CEO’s office. But, with Ranjan Chopra, his colleagues are used to it. If you catch him beyond his work hours, you’ll find him playing Elvis and Sinatra on the Saxophone.

Enlightened Hospitality: In 2011, he forayed into entertainment, events and hospitality through Zorba Entertainment & Qla, ventures born of the philosophy of delivering a great experience. They have become a leading event space in India, hosting live band events in Jazz, Rock and Sufi music for 100-1,000 people – organizing up to 10 shows a month during peak season and now, has evolved into the premium wedding venue and an exotic european food center in Delhi.

Through his latest hospitality venture Tattva Hills at Almora he wants to give back to the Himalayas, in terms of supporting home grown ventures in hospitality as homestays and providing digital literacy in the Himalayan states in India, a sector which he is most well known for.


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